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Superficial media?


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I found this on Pinterest, but it looks like this Cosmopolitan article and “Jane Buckingham, founder of the Millennial-focused research firm, Trendera” is the original source.

Anyway, I endorse, like, plus-1 and retweet the above comment, but I am sick of the idea that social media in itself makes us more superficial, less genuine and ultimately depressed.

Let’s get one thing straight:

If you are lacking confidence after breaking up, losing a job or being disappointed by a friend, family member or co-worker, then your feelings of worthlessness are not part of a trend that includes the whole English-speaking Internet. You are feeling bad because break-ups suck, not because you are part of the Millennial generation. You are unsure about your future because you have no job, not because you have a Facebook profile.

If social media makes you feel bad, think about what part of your real-life-life you are unhappy with and work to change that. If logging off for a while works toward that goal, fine. But don’t blame an Instagram photo for your insecurity. You’re better than that.

By the way, I have some issues with Cosmo and similar publications in general, which I wrote a separate post about called “Why I don’t want to read anything written for women”.

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