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Links according to Julie (delayed August edition)

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This is a selection of things I read in August and wanted to share with you. Since I haven’t had much downtime since the end of August, and some of these articles were read in July, they’re starting to get old. But they don’t feel old, and that’s the point.

Oliver Sacks’ thoughts on turning 80, in The joy of old age (no kidding), are also the reasons I hope to live for a very long time:

One has seen grand theories rise, only to be toppled by stubborn facts. One is more conscious of transience and, perhaps, of beauty. At 80, one can take a long view and have a vivid, lived sense of history not possible at an earlier age. I can imagine, feel in my bones, what a century is like, which I could not do when I was 40 or 60.

Jane Catherine Lotter wrote her own obituary:

One of the few advantages of dying from Grade 3, Stage IIIC endometrial cancer, recurrent and metastasized to the liver and abdomen, is that you have time to write your own obituary. (…) I was given the gift of life, and now I have to give it back. This is hard.

… and Michael Winerip in The New York Times wrote about her.

It turns out the world is getting better – this is almost too good to believe.

Tech and teens have pushed the English language forward, and now Twerk, Selfie, Bitcoin, and more have been added to an Oxford Dictionary. (I realize it is now even harder for some of you to believe the world is improving.)

The hashtag # was first suggested for use in Twitter in this blog post. This August, the hashtag turned six years old.

Sarah Koppelkam wrote about how to talk to young girls about their bodies. Step 1: Don’t!

I really enjoyed this cartoon about what teachers make, this randomly beautiful literature in a Craigslist missed connection, and this French sign:

ne se passa strictement rienSource: La Vie Est Belle

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