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Links for the weekend – Things I’ve been thinking about while writing for work.

This week I recommend Think again: Child soldiers from Foreign Policy, a very thought-provoking article.

Also thought-provoking is The New Socialism from Wired, where Kevin Kelly writes that social media is the new socialism. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. While both my inner politics geek and my inner web-media geek are very pleased, I’m not sure the arguments in this article are all that original or even true. At any rate, thoughts on the behavioral economics of blogging, twittering and youtubing are interesting. Specifically, it’s hard to think that I’m blogging with a strictly rational-choice what’s-in-it-for-me attitude. The idea of blogging to contribute to a community makes more sense. With me, I tend to blog what’s in my head anyway; it’s really not work that I selflessly do for your benefit. In Norway, there’s a twist to this web socialism, as our Labor Party prime minister twitters. When he announced this on radio, he claimed he would follow everyone who followed him, because that’s the Labor Party way ("Alle skal med!"). I don’t know if he kept his promise though – is he following me?

Speaking of social media, AudioBoo is the new thing, according to various sources, but I’m linking to The Guardian.

Going back to paper media, Dan Sabbagh at Times Online explains why the very snobby Monocle magazine is making money.

So it’s not all doom and gloom: Global newspaper sales went UP in 2008.

But I still think paper is for art, not news. Examples to the left and above.




For Norwegian-speakers: B-mennesker er de nye A-mennesker fordi vi holder ut lenger.

This week I looked forward to Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian starting a girl group, God Help the Girl:

Although the dark-haired singer is clearly wearing my coat in this picture, I’m optimistic about this. I didn’t love the first single (video), but I might in the near future. Individual Belle & Sebastian songs usually start out feeling anonymous, but then they grow on me.

This week I read The Enchantment of Lily Dahl by Siri Hustvedt.

b1d5af9c-89b4-4e7e-aaea-687aeeb88d01-1I recently renewed my subscription to Morgenbladet, but they keep calling me and sending me multiple postcards urging me to renew my subscription. They need to get their act together. Despite subscribing, I can’t link to them, which is beyond annoying.

I added a new personal blog to my Bloglines: Thoughts and All


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  1. Are you following me on twitter? am I following you?

  2. Martine – No. And no. Follow me through the link here on the front page.

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