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Geek alert

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I realize I’m in danger of becoming a journalism geek.

The past week was spent writing my take-home exam in journalism. Normally I spend exams wanting to blog about anything other than what I’m writing my exam about. After each political science exam, I avoided anything poli-sci-related for at least 48 hours.

And what do I do when my exam is over this semester? I discuss journalism with my classmates over beer in the park, order a newspaper subscription, catch up on my journalism geek blogs and twitter (tweet? twit?) a journalism-related link.

I blog so much more about journalism than I ever did about international relations. There are many possible reasons for this: Journalism school provides more opportunities for non-boring diary-like blogging. I mean “Today I interviewed the minister of foreign affairs” is so much more entertaining than “Today I sat in the library for nine hours reading about foreign affairs”. And since I’m actually acting like a journalist, I feel that I’m qualified to have opinions about journalism. Last year, I was just acting like a college student with some political geekiness.

The most important explanation is that journalism feels so right for me.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a happy nerd. But maybe I should take some steps to make sure I’m not boring. I have friends and readers who aren’t journalists after all. And I don’t think I should be a journalist/blogger who only writes about journalism/blogging.

I don’t want to cross the line separating charming geek from anti-social dork.

But that won’t stop me from hitting you with a journalism post right after I publish this little apology for being a geek.

One thought on “Geek alert

  1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I often feel that journalism is somewhat of an ongoing obsession as opposed to a career choice.

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