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You’re a kitty!

Driving from Addo Elephant Park to Schotia Nature Reserve, my friend Tonje and I discussed the way people behave around small children. We could not understand how babies transform the people we know. Especially girls who are a few years older than us, dissolve before our very eyes into squeaking, cooing creatures unable to maintain a normal conversation, whenever a small child walks by. We decided we were completely above this nonsense. Then we fantasized about getting PHDs.

However, we had forgotten to include the XKCD law of cat proximity in our calculations:


And then we met a really big kitty.

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Elephants (not elgephants)

I am working on a blog post which actually describes some of my South Africa experience, rather than just posting photos and quick comments. The promised descriptive blog post has turned epic, so while I edit and proof-read, here are photos from a mandatory part of travelling in Africa: animals. First the elephants, which I specifically went to Addo Elephant Park to see.

South Africa2 356

South Africa2 380

South Africa2 382

South Africa2 405

South Africa2 414

and then the other animals (link coming soon)

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Pictures of Cape Town

After two days in Cape Town, I already have too much to blog about. So far we’ve been to Robben Island, District 6, the new World Cup stadium, the Waterfront, the Fugard theater, Rafiki’s.. and I now realize that I can barely remember everything we’ve done. I blame my amnesia on sleep deprivation after the 24 hour trip from Oslo via Istanbul. I’ve been blessed by a Nigerian prophet, I have a bar I “always” go to, and I suddenly want to learn Afrikaans. I’ll be in South Africa for a month, and hopefully I’ll come back with a good feature story for my journalism exam.

South Africa back-up 682

The journalism students travelling in Africa. Seven of us will stay in South Africa for a full month.

 South Africa back-up 777

Our home for the first week, Hillcrest Manor Guesthouse in Tamboerskloof.

South Africa back-up 853

Touring District 6, below Table Mountain.