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laptop candle

Things I read and enjoyed online in the month of November:

Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people have on their deathbeds.

My favorite contribution to the “having-it-all” debate so far, written by Stephen Marche (yes, a man):

The solution to the work-life conundrum is not “enlisting men” (as Slaughter puts it) in the domestic sphere. The solution is establishing social supports that allow families to function. The fact is, men can’t have it all, for the same reason women can’t: whether or not the load is being shared 50-50 doesn’t matter if the load is still unbearable.

How to live in London for under 5 pounds a day

Bad excuses for stealing photos on the internet

Business cards are old-fashioned. I once laughed in a guy’s face because he gave me his business card in a bar, confirming that he was too old for me (this was about four years ago). More recently, I have just told guys my full name and suggested they figure the rest out on their own (you’ll find 20 different ways to contact me if you Google my name). Even more recently, I’ve gotten actual business cards, that I only use in client meetings, to show I am an adult and people should listen to me.

Using Google glass for all the things you shouldn’t do with Google glass, like cheating.

People already think I’m angry all the time, because I don’t use enough of these: Smile Now my reputation as an angry person will get worse, because I also end my sentences with periods.

This blog post explains my writing is an addiction I’m glad to have. I wrote something very similar a while back.

why write

Source for candle and laptop image and source for quote-image.

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