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My online favorites in the month of October:

Massage therapist Dale Favier about what people really look like (naked).

Alli Read for Cracked on The 5 weirdest side effects of moving to a new country.

Maggie Mason – aka “Mighty Girl” – wrote about her definition of friendship – the comments have plenty of suggestions for what “friend” means.

Rachel Hills on rich people financing “cool” people:

This dynamic between rich people and less-wealthy-but-rich-in-youth-and-cultural-capital people isn’t anything new. Until the last century or so, patronage was one of the few ways artists and intellectuals could make a living. Nor is it necessarily sexual – at least, not always in a direct sense. My friend’s sixty-something multi-millionaire friend, by all accounts, didn’t try to have sex with her. He just wanted to be around her; to experience the ego-boost of being at a table surrounded by young women.

Someone found a secret surprise dungeon under their new apartment.

And a useful guide to saying no to “everything ever” by Alexandra Franzen.

You can buy the image as a print.

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