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I’ve had a very busy September – I can tell when my list of things I’ve read online is this short:

What if we treated every illness like mental illness? The cartoon below is from Buzzfeed’s surprisingly thoughtful collection of cartoons about depression. Cartoon by Susie Campbell.

every illness like mental

You might have heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment, in which students were divided into “guards” and “prisoners” to see how they would treat each other. The experiment had to be stopped early when it got out of hand. This website has the whole story.

Quora, where I procrastinate when I want to learn something, has a list of amazing knots/coincidences/events in the Harry Potter universe.

Ministry of Sound sued Spotify to stop people making playlists similar to Ministry of Sound releases. Is it time to stop expecting people to pay for playlists? If Ministry of Sound albums can’t give you anything more than what a Spotify user can, then maybe they’re not providing a good product. On the other hand, my boyfriend gets paid to play his Spotify playlists at dance venues, so that is definitely possible.

Slate-writer Amy Webb doesn’t post anything about her kid online – and neither should you:

“Knowing what we do about how digital content and data are being cataloged, my husband and I made an important choice before our daughter was born. We decided that we would never post any photos or other personally identifying information about her online. Instead, we created a digital trust fund.”

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2 thoughts on “Links according to Julie

  1. Am I able to use your cartoons for a presentation on depression or is your image copyrighted?

    • Hi, The cartoons are not mine, so you will have to check with the original source. Follow the link from my post.

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