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Read this blog: Beautiful absurdity


sham jaffEvery week, freelance journalist Sham Jaff writes a one-paragraph summary of the news stories she thinks are the most important.

Sure, a lot of news outlets do something vaguely similar, but I like this one.

I like the brevity of the summaries, and the weekly rather than daily (or constant) updates.

I like her selection. Jaff writes about politics, culture and literature. She is particularly interested in the Middle East -  and let’s face it, we should all be more interested in the Middle East – but the stories she picks out are from around the world. She’s based in Nuremburg, Germany, which reminds me that too many of my sources of information are American, British or Scandinavian.

I also really like that this is a personal blog project, rather than a network or an automated aggregation. It’s a weekly feature in her blog Beautiful absurdity.

Sham Jaff is a freelance journalist, and she publishes some longer writing on her blog as well, like this book review and this post on the importance of political scientists.

Overall, put Beautiful absurdity into the service you’ve selected to inherit your Google Reader feeds (I mainly use Bloglines). Sham Jaff is also on Twitter and her blog has a Facebook page.

Image source: I borrowed the portrait of Sham Jaff from her blog.

2 thoughts on “Read this blog: Beautiful absurdity

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful summary 🙂 I am very glad you are enjoying yourself when reading my blog. Our blogs have a lot in common!

    • Thank you for commenting – and for saying our blogs have a lot in common. That’s a real compliment to me. Keep posting your great news summaries.

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