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Journalists wanted–while print media declines

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Despite declining employment in legacy print media, journalists are still getting jobs. At least, according to Michael Mendel, who writes:

But remember this: Old industries can decline even as new jobs growth. In fact, the field of journalism is going through a massive innovative spurt that is creating jobs even as others are being destroyed. About a month ago I did a post on exactly this subject, where I looked at unpublished BLS data and help-wanted data from The Conference Board.  Here’s what I found:

  • Employment at newspapers is  down about 5% over the past year.
  • The number of help-wanted ads for “news analysts, reporters, and correspondents” is up 15% compared to a year ago.
  • More people are telling the BLS that they are working as a news analyst, reporter, or correspondent compared to a year ago.
  • Roughly half the want-ads for news analysts, reporters and correspondents contain the words ‘digital’, ‘internet’, ‘online’, or ‘mobile’.

Click here for more, including an interesting graph

It looks like my optimistic blogging while in journalism school was justified. Back then I wrote “Newspapers die – long live journalists”. I argued that young journalists with the right skills would come out of the crisis stronger – without the out-of-date habits of our older colleagues, but with a better understanding of the current and future environment.

These days, I have been officially over on the dark side for almost a year now, but I am using the very skills I was talking about: digital communication, willingness to adapt to change, and an understanding – or at least interest in attempting to understand – the journalism industry.

I think it’s going to be ok.


Article Marginal Revolution – Illustration from a 2010 Madewell campaign, via Refinery 29

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