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Words are the most powerful thing on the web


Justin Jackson wrote those words. He is right, and you should read the whole thing. I work in the field of communications/PR because I want to work with words. I work with digital media because the internet is a great way to distribute words to lots of people.

So have a great month of July. Here’s a collection of good online reads from the month of June:


Thomas Beller in The New Yorker: The ongoing story: Twitter and writing

It used to be a radical cri de coeur to claim, “We live in public.” Like many mantras of the cyber-nineties, this turns out to be mostly true, but misses an even larger truth: more and more, we think in public.


Mr. London Street: Four pints

A theologian, an environmental engineer, a sports physiotherapist and a lawyer walk into a bar: it sounded like the start of a joke. Maybe in a way it was: a joke about how we all spend three years studying these things and then go and get jobs which bear no relation to them.


Graeme Wood in NYMag: Scrubbed

Metal Rabbit Media, he said, was a boutique shop for the online reputations of very wealthy people. He worked by mining the client’s history of publication and philanthropy, then pumping up the volume to drown out all else. Basic service costs $10,000 a month, Tom said, which could make Phin’s total bill, running from the first website in December 2010, nearly $300,000.


Anna Latimer in XOJane: In defense of being a pretentious little shit

My 29-year-old friend Rose, an Oxford graduate, wrote to me of how she sometimes tears up thinking of the passionate writer she used to be. “Maybe what I would write now is better for being more self conscious and tempered and aware of others. But I think there’s definitely something sad about the loss of that intensity and passion.”


Latine Fatale: How to talk to little girls

Not once did we discuss clothes or hair or bodies or who was pretty. It’s surprising how hard it is to stay away from those topics with little girls, but I’m stubborn.


Mat Honan in Wired: Inside Digg Reader’s race to build the new Google Reader

In fact, it could be a perfect fit with the rest of the Betaworks puzzle–Chartbeat could point out stories that are being read all the way through; could give insight into what people are linking to; and Instapaper could even show which stories people may want to read but don’t have time to, right now. Its own reader would give Betaworks a way bigger piece of the fast. But the only sure way to grab that fast was to tie its fate to the exodus of passionate Google Reader fans.

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