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In the month of May…

WordPress turned 10 years old! I still recommend this platform to any blogger who asks me.

The Tumblr “Get off my slot” was started, giving all you non-dancers some insight into how being a West Coast Swing dancer feels – really, what my life is like.

Parents of Reddit exchanged sometimes terrifying stories of creepy things their children do.

The French finally came up with a word for what we call French kissing.

I found this list of words that are almost (but not quite) forgotten. They are totally Englishable (or possibly Norwegianable).

Emma Coats, previously Pixar’s story artist shared some useful story-writing tips.

This blog post inspired me to say certain things more often.

With one month to go before I lose Google Reader, I bought a Premium subscription to NewsBlur. So far, I’m happy about that.

I signed up for Instagram. I know, I know, better late than never. Still don’t know if I’ll really find any good use for this, but I need to know how it works beyond just reading about it. Feel free to follow me. Just like on Twitter, I’m called julierandersen


Norskspråklig bonus:

Min kollega Marius Parmann blogget om hvordan en god kommunikasjonskampanje har reddet mange liv.

Du trenger ikke svare på om du er gravid bare fordi du ikke drikker på fest.

Iphone har dårlig dekning.

Og husk at du er offentlig i sosiale medier. Bare aksepter det.

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