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Tweeting June 2012

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I keep tweeting things because I want to remember them myself, but I never actually go back to read my own tweets. However, I do use my blog as an archive of things I’ve thought about and might want to think about again, so as an experiment, I’m now summarizing a month of Twitter on my blog. Might keep doing this if I like it.

Last month, in honor of the Jubilee, I read about Queen Elizabeth’s fashion sense in the New York Times. The same newspaper told me that Obama sped up a wave of cyberattacks on Iran. (Those two links summarize what I read on the internet: technology, politics, fashion.) The Shanghai stock market index fell 64.89 points on Monday, June 4, the 23rd anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square. Coincidence or clever trick? Campaigners protested against secrecy laws planned in South Africa, a country whose standing in economic and social rankings is slipping, according to the Economist. (It’s also the country I’m writing my Economic History MSc dissertation on, but that is a different story.)

I learned that drowning doesn’t look like drowning, that many people in Beijing live in tiny underground apartments, and that vampires do not make mathematical sense. A story on child brides made me sad and angry.

In London news: Not only does living in South London keep me safe from tourists, but my neighboring Peckham is “about as hipster as Chloe Sevigny instagramming a cupcake”. Just look at this:

hipster neighborhoods

Yes, Peckham has pop-ups. I went to one of them, a bar on top of a seven story parking garage, and saw the best view of London I’ve ever seen. In such a flat city, that’s not really saying that much, but I could see everything: Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, the Shard, St. Paul’s, the London Eye, Big Ben and the rooftops of my own street.

According to, I listened to Paloma Faith, Jason Mraz, Shearwater, Eric Hutchinson, Markus Krunegård, C2C, Dirty Vegas, Matt Nathanson, Tori Amos and Waldeck. Thanks to the Jubilee concerts at Proud Camden, I also listened to Citizen (one of those non-Googlable bands). Here’s a video.

Norwegian language bonus:

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