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Guest posting soon

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I’ve committed to writing a guest post for Writer Wednesday at  the blog Nascent Novelist. Which leads me into a paradox: I’ve been trying to write a post about not writing for a long time now, but I’m having trouble finding the write right length and level of “personalness”. And so the problem of communicating what it feels like to not be able to write has left me unable to write – at least about not writing.

Just to help my own creative, albeit slightly narcissistic project, I’m going to entertain the thought that you are all very curious about what I think about writing, and how I write things. If anyone has a writing-related question they would like me to answer in a blog post, I may just give up my difficult, personal, how-a-writer-feels-when-she-can’t-write post in favor of answering your question.

Anyway, read Nascent Novelist. My guest post will be published on November 16th.

One thought on “Guest posting soon

  1. Hi Julie,
    Maybe you’ve had heaps of questions already, and are no longer stuck, but I thought I would ask anyway: what’s your pet hate when it comes to blogs? Is that different from any gripes you have with authorial quirks in novels?

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