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Moving in


My blog, According to Julie, has just moved to this new address, and I have just moved to a new address in London.

I will spend the next days/weeks moving in to both of my new homes: hanging posters on my bedroom wall, uploading photos for my blog header, shopping at IKEA for pillow cases and browsing WordPress for widgets.

While I get things sorted out, read this article about IKEA, moving and finding a home:

When you don’t live in one place for very long and you can’t afford fancy furniture that might break when you haul it halfway across the world, IKEA becomes a sort of haven. After all, it’s exactly the same everywhere on the planet. You know that if you’re in Europe somewhere and you have a sudden hankering for four-dollar Swedish meatballs you can walk in and get a plate of them for four euros. You know that if you’re stranded you can just walk in and collapse onto any sofa and no one will tell you to leave.

All old posts will be on both sites, but new posts will only be published on this one.

2 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. Except all the Ikeas I’ve been to in London are an even worse logistical nightmare than the Norwegian ones I’ve been to. Happy moving though!

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