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Suit up!

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To quote Barney Stinson: "Suit’s are awesome."

Wednesday October 13th is International Suit Up Day, celebrating the show How I met your mother, the character Barney Stinson, and the outfit The Suit.

Although I’m generally sceptical of any "it’s so unfair that women can’t do this" whining, I agree with this Norwegian blogger about the following:

"The man’s suit is a genius concept. It does men many favors and simplifies their lives. (…) While there are ugly and unfashionable suits, it’s a fact that all men can look f*cking good in a suit. Men are more manly, more male in suits (…) Long-sleeved shirts, a blazer and trousers hide bad skin, scars, sweat, hair, fat and any other body issues. Suits turn boys into men, while still flattering older men." (My translation)

I recommend the whole post if you read Norwegian. In summary: Men have this go-to outfit that says "I’m professional and serious, and it’s totally a coincidence that I look hot at the same time." Women simply don’t have an equivalent.

What do we wear when men wear suits? Sure, we can wear suits, and look cool:


… but it will be inevitably be described as "women wearing menswear", possibly because it’s "trendy" (Note to fashion journalists: It’s not a trend if it’s been around for a century.).

Or we can wear fitted dresses, recommended by the Financial Times… but they can easily cross the line into too dressy or too fitted.

Women often end up looking like they either put too much effort into their appearance, or not enough. Pencil skirts and heels are more secretary than boss, while an actual suit can end up looking like a costume.

But hey, Suit Up Day is not about complaining. In a world according to Julie, it would be about all the men I meet wearing suits for just one day. That would be great…

In the meantime, I can put on a blazer and watch How I met your mother. Videos below…

How to suit up:

Barney Stinson’s best catchphrase:

And of course, the suit song:

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