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Overheard in the newsroom

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I love Overheard in the Newsroom. Deeply. Here are a few favorites:

Reporter: “When I’m plagiarized by the competition, I’ll know I finally made it.” (I’ve made it. )

Copy chief: “You know that there are no points for making the headline more interesting than the story, right?” (What? But that’s my job description!)

Managing editor to reporter who keeps asking questions: “The internet is RIGHT THERE.” (I both love and hate it when co-workers ask me before they ask Google. I send links like this a lot.)

Editor: “You’ve done a lot today, pretend like you’re doing something important until you leave.” (This sounds familiar, along the lines of "Julie, go get yourself a cup of coffee, now!")

Five-year-old boy to reporter interviewing people at snow cone stand: “You’re gonna need a bigger notebook if you’re gonna write a whole story.” (Aww… But I am extremely picky about my notebooks. They are just the right size, thank you very much.)

Photographer, while eating cake during budget meeting: “A life without cake is a life that is sad and empty.” (My newsroom seems to follow this philosophy.)

Copy editor: “If I got paid for every comma I fix, I’d be set for life.” (I fix my co-workers’ comma- and spelling-mistakes in secret. There, I’ve said it.)

Illustration via nongenderous

Updated: I found an archive of favorite Overheards that I completely forgot I had saved. Here they are…

News Reporter to colleague: “I don’t believe in anything,” she said, then paused. “I believe in coffee.”

J-School student: “Each of these little failures makes me feel more and more like a journalist.”

Photographer to Producer: “Our computers are so slow I could drive to Google and get the information faster.”

Reporter to Copy Editor: “I’d take the ‘journalism’ out of it and just start looking at”

Co-worker to spouse over the phone: “When am I going to be able to come home? Is never a time?”

Copy editor: ‘One of these days, we’re all going to snap. They won’t say we’re going postal. They’ll say we’re going journalist.”

Reporter: “There’s something wrong when I see ‘Newspaper reporter killed’ in a headline and my first thought is ‘Sweet. Job opening.’ ”

City Editor after sneezing: “Goodness, I’m allergic to deadline.”

Reporter: “I always tell editors: ‘I can only be in two places at once.’ ”

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