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Why I’m a journalist

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1. "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." – Carl Sagan

2. "Your job is to run around experiencing interesting things and then to tell us about what you learned in a way that makes it extra interesting." (That’s how a friend described my job after I suggested we talk about his life for once.)

3. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by asking people to tell you. It’s unbelievable what you can experience just by asking if you can watch.

4. Journalism is academic research, only efficient.

5. I can be a total nerd about new topics every day.

6. My journalism teachers at Oslo University College told me it’s the best profession in the world.

7. Being short and shy can make my job easier. To quote Joan Didion: "My only advantage as a reporter is that I am so temperamentally unobtrusive, and so neurotically inarticulate that people tend to forget that my presence runs counter to their best interests."

8. "Research", is a great all-purpose excuse for many slightly suspicious activities.

9. "It is just pure, unadulterated therapy. You can never get away from that therapy if it’s what you need to stay sane." – Daniel M. Harrison

10. "Few professions let you be as childish – or as evil – as you can be in journalism" – Johann D. Sundberg (my editor)

A work in constant progress, written as an ever-changing answer to Daniel M. Harrison.

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