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You’re a kitty!

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Driving from Addo Elephant Park to Schotia Nature Reserve, my friend Tonje and I discussed the way people behave around small children. We could not understand how babies transform the people we know. Especially girls who are a few years older than us, dissolve before our very eyes into squeaking, cooing creatures unable to maintain a normal conversation, whenever a small child walks by. We decided we were completely above this nonsense. Then we fantasized about getting PHDs.

However, we had forgotten to include the XKCD law of cat proximity in our calculations:


And then we met a really big kitty.

South Africa2 559

And I am sorry to admit this, but we squeaked and cooed.

South Africa2 551

South Africa2 566

. but look at him. He’s a kitty!

I’m sorry. I have lost the ability to write coherent sentences now that these pictures are in front of me. This is even worse than the elephants.

One thought on “You’re a kitty!

  1. That’s the really fascinating thing about lions (I also saw my share of them when I visited your part of the world) and tigers and leopards and cheetas and lynxes and the rest of the sixty or so cat species. They really look and behave like our two house cats.
    This contrary to dogs, where there is a scale comparing the various breeds to wolves on a scale from 1 to 10. German Shepherds and Border Collies get a high score (ie share many traits with wolves), not unsurprisingly, while Cocker Spaniels and other popular family dogs are remarkably unwolf-like.
    Anyway – this just to say that I know full well how you feel. You never forget your first lion. Or elephant. Or giraffe, for that matter. Africa is fabulous.

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