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Pictures of Cape Town

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After two days in Cape Town, I already have too much to blog about. So far we’ve been to Robben Island, District 6, the new World Cup stadium, the Waterfront, the Fugard theater, Rafiki’s.. and I now realize that I can barely remember everything we’ve done. I blame my amnesia on sleep deprivation after the 24 hour trip from Oslo via Istanbul. I’ve been blessed by a Nigerian prophet, I have a bar I “always” go to, and I suddenly want to learn Afrikaans. I’ll be in South Africa for a month, and hopefully I’ll come back with a good feature story for my journalism exam.

South Africa back-up 682

The journalism students travelling in Africa. Seven of us will stay in South Africa for a full month.

 South Africa back-up 777

Our home for the first week, Hillcrest Manor Guesthouse in Tamboerskloof.

South Africa back-up 853

Touring District 6, below Table Mountain.

One thought on “Pictures of Cape Town

  1. Fint å høre at du har det bra og opplever en masse. Jeg var på St.Hans haugen i dag med hundene. Masse folk som koste seg i solen. Det luktet grillmat overalt. Var så i leiligheten og har forberedt maling av døren. Gleder meg til å lese mer fra turen din. Klem

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