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Happy Moose Cap Friday! (What’s that? The answer is right here.) I have blog post drafts on "How to live in a basement closet", "Reasons to visit my blog" and "Blogging naked". We’ll see if I ever have time to finish any of them.

In the meantime, here is a completely random list of links:

Mandatory Moose Cap photo:


I was here the other day, and seriously people screamed when it started and continued to scream and sing along:

It sounds horrible in the video, but it didn’t from where I was standing, because Mka has a nice voice, and he speaks the best kind of English. Mmmm… I loved every minute of this concert, except for the screaming teenagers that sounded like they were actually inside my ear. Yes, I am very old. When you can’t bear the screaming anymore, just watch the video instead. The song fits the Oslo weather today, but I don’t hate days like this. Days like this are Fridays, with too many fun things to do to have time for blogging. Moose Baby and I are off to celebrate!

(photo by Craig Woods, t-shirt design by Eivind B. Hackett, and yes, it’s me)

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