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Too busy to write, so I’ll teach you how to read


Long-time readers may know what this picture means: I am literally buried in word-related work. Except now, in 2010, there are fewer books and more computer files to be read, written, edited, sent and uploaded. So the buried part is not so literal anymore.

While I write a news article, a media commentary column, a movie review and a summary of a book chapter, you can read How to win at reading academic articles from the blog An Improbable Fiction.

Like the author of that post, I spent my time at university struggling with the dual burdens of popularity and belief that I could take on extra courses. But I managed, because I can (usually) read and understand things pretty quickly. You can too! There are many, many techniques for doing so, but today, I’m recommending a combination of reading and note-taking described here.

2 thoughts on “Too busy to write, so I’ll teach you how to read

  1. Haha! Its me! Awesome! Thanks for the referral friend!
    Good luck with all that work. I REALLY know how you feel. I’m a massive procrastinator as well, which counts against me!

  2. Beautiful quilts…

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