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Technical difficulties

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I am experiencing technical difficulties. Meaning:

  • I don’t currently share a zip code with my big computer, the one I usually blog from, where I have Spotify, and where all my Christmas countdown drafts are stored.
  • The big computer has been getting slow lately, maybe because I have way too much Christmas music saved on the hard drive.
  • I went out with friends last night. And then I got up really early to finish The Research Paper. My brain is as slow as my computer.
  • I have forced my way through three-quarter curse with an interview I’ll be publishing soon, and I need to use what little brain power I have left to put the finishing touches on that.
  • Tonight I will be going out again, and then tomorrow I’ll be getting up early again. There is no time for sleep at Christmas, when there are post-research-paper parties to attend and rum-flavored desserts to make.

Which is why the Christmas countdown needs to take a break. I will probably still blog most of the Christmas posts I have planned, but I am just not able to follow the schedule right now. It is technically impossible with my current brain and computer situation.

Read and listen to the Christmas count-down up to the 14th + bonus reader suggestions here.


One thought on “Technical difficulties

  1. I’d suggest this one, then:
    The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York:

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