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Jingle Bell Jazz

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Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

No, really, what fun is it? Because I just realized that I have never had that experience.

And I came to this realization after coming up with a big theory of how my taste in Christmas music mirrors my taste in January-November music. And although I officially have no taste in music, I like being able to relate to lyrics. That clearly isn’t why I like Jingle Bells.

Even so, the easiest way to make me feel like it’s Christmas is to play me a jazz song about sleigh rides. I think it’s all about nostalgia. The most popular song ever is about wanting Christmas to be the way it used to be. Which I guess is why my younger sister wants traditional Norwegian Christmas songs, and I want Jingle Bells. Because that’s what we used to sing at Christmas parties with my parents’ friends when I was around six.

There are hundreds of jazz versions of Jingle Bells. Here’s ten of them from Spotify.

There is also more than one Crazy Frog version of Jingle Bells. I have no plans to link or listen to those.

More Christmas music according to Julie.

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