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How to tell how stressed you really are

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Not only are my dishes done, but the only thing I want to do these days is prepare food for lots of people. There was the Moose dinner, and Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving the sequel – in which I tried to get rid of leftovers and only succeeded in creating more leftovers. And now I find myself searching for reasons to invite people over for dinner. Or breakfast. Or cake. Or fois gras and champagne! (Stop, Julie, stop.)

Maybe I got used to having my Moose Cap Weekend guests around, maybe it’s an early start to that Christmasy feeling, or maybe it’s some kind of biological turning-into-a-grown-up-who-magically-enjoys-chores thing.

Or maybe it’s that I have a research project to finish by December 17th, and a deadline right now.

Remember last year’s “You know you’re writing a thesis if…”?


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