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This week: Fashion, Moose and Moose fashion

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This week "unfriend" was named word of the year. Meanwhile…

I listened to Tomi Paldanius. Craig Woods, the guy who runs THE DA (which is probably a great website, but I can’t really tell, since it’s all about soccer) was my apartment’s DJ this weekend, and for Saturday breakfast brunch, he played guitar covers of songs I don’t really like. But they work as guitar covers, especially with bacon. Because bacon is the best thing ever.

I watched the first season of Mad Men, and I actually enjoyed it. I once wrote (in Norwegian) that Mad Men is "good clothes, bad people. I’m often in the mood for the former, not often for the latter. And especially not these days." Apparently these days are over.

Chanel is also good clothes, and so I watched this video. French pop music, Chanel, Natalie Portman – what’s not to love?

I read about (but didn’t watch) reality TV. The New York Times interviewed former reality TV contestants about the conditions behind the scenes, and my suspicions were confirmed: take a person who just wants to become a designer/model/millionaire/complete stranger’s fiancée, subtract sleep, food and any contact with the outside world, and then add alcohol. That recipe will give you drama every time. On the Norwegian version of Top Model, a contestant with chronic fatigue quit the show when she was one of the top three, saying that working as a model was a lot less stressful than being on the show. After all, in the real, real world, you are allowed to talk to your family, sleep more than five hours a night and use the internet.

In other television news, Sesame Street in South Africa has an HIV-positive muppet.

The New York Times also taught me that fashion – especially for men – is getting really retro. Not 1980s, but 1890s.

If that’s not your style, you could hope for an invisibility cloak instead. Yes, soon (er… maybe someday) we can be like Harry Potter. For real; scientists are working on an invisibility cloak. I first read about this in Norwegian last spring, but there have been news articles in a lot of places this week, like The Telegraph. Meanwhile The Frisky suggests we use these cloaks to go to Paris for free, sneak backstage at concerts and dance like no ones watching – because no one can.

I could have read a personalized newspaper, if I lived in Germany. I still don’t see the point of aged news, but I would try this if it were available in my language.

I added a new blog to my Bloglines: 1000 Awesome Things, because, well, it’s awesome.

I wore my Official Moose Shirt on Friday, and realized that the design strongly encouraged photographs like these:


My Moose Shirt

I learned how to prepare Moose steak in the oven, and was rewarded for my efforts when Aina finally responded to my "I can’t cook," with "Yes, you obviously can, you just look impractical when you do it." And then my mom wanted food advice from me, and I realized that I must really be growing up.

P.S. For fans of MGMT

Photo credits: Craig Woods and Aina Skjønnsfjell

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