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The polka-dotted jumpsuit

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I can’t believe I wore this…


… to a party.

This is my mom in 1991. And this is me, in 2009…

185 Ugh. 80s parties.

It was fun though. Apparently my outfit distracted people from their conversations because it was just so… 80s. So over-the-top, polka-dotted, shoulder-padded and well, a jumpsuit.

To be fair, jumpsuits are back (Why?!?!). And this one is comfortable. And I like polka-dots. In moderation.

However, there was no moderation in the 80s. Which is kind of the only thing I respect about 80s fashion. It was crazy, but at least it wasn’t as boring as 90s fashion. The 80s had bad taste, but the 90s had no taste.

Anyway, thank you Cecilie, for the photos. And thank you mom, for lending me the jumpsuit, shoes and pearl necklace – and for letting me wear whatever I wanted back in 1991.







Extra photo, in which I look terrified. Scared of my own outfit:




One thought on “The polka-dotted jumpsuit

  1. You’re welcome and somehow I found it right and quite natural to let you wear a hat and an apron from the 60’s to the grocery store. You were three. It is good to hear that I did something right…

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