According to Julie

Life is interesting


Remember I told you to remind yourself that the world is an interesting place? Watch this.

I found it on Yes and Yes, where the comment was: "Doesn’t this make you want to hug life?"

"Inspirational" videos can be so annoying. But as I watched this, with gray November skies outside and my brain going "Coffee… Coffee…", I thought: "Oh yeah, you’re right. Everyday life is kind of interesting, isn’t it?"

3 thoughts on “Life is interesting

  1. Maybe this makes me a bad person, but my first impression was that this stressed me out. Then, when the “actual” images started it was a dirty baby (gross), an old person eating (gross) a middle aged person smoking (gross) and then I stopped watching. How was this moving? What am I missing?

  2. Martine – I found it interesting (although I wouldn’t say moving) because it’s all these little everyday life experiences (waking up, eating, reading a good book, tying your shoes etc.)viewed as individual “moments”. And it made me think about how wonderfully complicated even ordinary life is. And how if you pay attention, there are so many details to experience each day. Which of course can be stressful, but to me it was more like “There is inspiration for say, writing, almost everywhere.”

  3. This site is about the same thing: the awesome things in life.

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