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What from your closet will you pass down to your daughter?

This is a dress which I think my grandmother made for herself in the early 60s. I actually don’t know the story of this dress, but it was definitely hand-made, and I found it in the attic of my grandparents’ house. It’s modeled by my little sister here, in my kitchen which is probably as old as the dress. You can just glimpse the hand-me-down coffee cups on top of the espresso machine in the background.

Although the kitchen is due for some updating, I really hope the dress survives the parties I’m taking it to these days, so that I can show it to my daughter/niece/much younger friend sometime in the future. I think it’s interesting how this dress just might work for the next generation, while my modern mass-produced clothes can barely stay together for a few seasons.

Given how much I enjoy my red, white and blue vintage dress, I hope some future girl will enjoy some of my favorite stuff. I’m generally careful with my clothes and accessories, so chances are good that someone will be able to wear them – or at least look at them and shake their heads over “2000s fashion” – years from now. I really hope my daughter likes…


… the dress my mom made for me this summer.

… skirts my mom made for me, like this one. I would hand down the top too, but I have almost worn it to death already, so that’s not an option.

… my white jean strapless dress from French Connection, which I want to wear all the time these days – and my recipe for cookies.

… my bunad. My favorite outfit of all.


… my t-strap dancing shoes, my pearls, my grandmother’s bracelet – and possibly my mother’s lacy skirt and mink shawl, although they might get handed down to one of my nieces.

 white trench coat

…. my polka-dotted skirt and my white trench coat, if they survive.

I’ve already saved my Miss Sixty jeans from junior high for this very purpose. Everyone had the same jeans back then, so they really tell the story of being fifteen in Lier in the very early 2000s. I’ve also saved the grey corduroy jeans I added lace and navy-blue stitching to a couple of years after the Miss Sixty’s. I wish I still had my jean jacket with the embroidered butterfly “shoulder tattoo” from early high school, but I left that on a bus stop. I still have my bright pink jean jacket though. And there are white Buffalo platforms in my mom’s closet – a fashion crime which must be shown to future generations. If we don’t know history, we are doomed to repeat it. For the same reasons, I am saving that polka-dotted jumpsuit my mom wore in 1991. After all, I’m glad she’s kept it so far.

2 thoughts on “Hand-me-downs

  1. I think the flowered dress was made sometime in the eary 70s, not the 60s. But I could be wrong.

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