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Exams make me feel like this…

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This is Giselle (played by Christine Thomassen) dying on stage at the Oslo Opera House. The last show was tonight, and I was lucky enough to see it twice: Once from the audience, once from backstage. I’m writing a story on professional ballet for my feature journalism class, and I obviously had a great time researching it. Now that it’s almost time to turn it in (along with a paper on New Journalism and New New Journalism), I kind of feel the way Giselle looks in this photo.

It’s nothing serious, just a lack of concentration and a weird mix of too much inspiration and not enough inspiration at once. You know how sometimes, no matter how many times you edit a sentence, it just doesn’t capture what you’re trying to say? I feel like that, but with a whole feature story.

However, tomorrow at 11 AM it will all be over. And then it will be Moose Cap Friday. And I thought I would celebrate by explaining what that means.


For now, a few more photos from the ballet story…


The Norwegian National Ballet


Cristiane Sá & Christopher Kettner


Pas de deux by Valentino Zucchetti & Chihiro Nomura

(All photos by Julie R. Andersen)

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