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Birthday Wishes

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Birthday Wishes 2009


  • Money. Seriously; I am saving up for things.
  • Music. I would specifically like the newest Camera Obscura.
  • Speakers so I can listen to this music with something other than my laptop speakers.
  • Tivoli PAL Radio – which could be a very cute alternative to speakers while I save money. Brown is the safest color, but green might look great in my living room, depending on the shade.
  • Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick in Sugared Maple
  • Books or Amazon gift certificates. The two suggestions in the illustration are The Clothes On Their Backs by Linda Grant and Post Secret (any of the Post Secret books will do)
  • Silverware. I collect the series Måne.
  • A strapless Avero bra from MarieJo in that new denim-blue color.
  • Promises to cook me dinner, take me out to dinner, go hiking, go travelling, go walking, go dancing.

As usual, I am very picky about notebooks and coffee cups, and my cupboards are full of both. And as usual, whatever you think I will enjoy, I probably will.

One thought on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Å nå ble jeg glad! Årntli’e ønskelister gjør alt så mye enklere. 😀

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