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Live cover of “New Slang”. The original is by The Shins. This version is with Cass Lowe among others.

I got a little nervous when I noticed they were going to sample a Coldplay song towards the end, but “Don’t Panic” is one of the few Coldplay songs I can deal with. Cause we live in a beautiful world…


This is the only official music video I could find by Vienna Teng on YouTube, but there are plenty of live performances. I think I read somewhere that she considers “Gravity” to be “her pop song.”

I discovered Vienna Teng through Pandora, back in the good old days. One of her albums is on Spotify, and she released a new album, Inland Territory, this spring.


I mentioned God Help The Girl here, and so far, I’m not dissapointed. The album is on Spotify.

From 2:31 onwards, my white trench coat makes a new appearance. And she’s wearing it with black tights and red details. I did that first! 😛

The original version of this song is by Belle & Sebastian, but I think I actually prefer the cover.


What’s not to like? Norwegian music, interesting music video concept, shot in Oslo and I enjoyed seeing them live earlier this summer. And can’t we all relate to that feeling of losing yourself because you’re not inspired?

“I’ve heard about a support group… I might go. Donkeyboy is going to play.”

At least part of the band is from Drammen, a city many Norwegians love to hate. But for better or worse, some of my favorite people in the world live there. And they’re getting married on Saturday!!!


I know I officially have no taste when it comes to music, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like things.

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  1. Jeg liker Ambitions, jeg og, av en eller annen grunn. Skjønner det ikke. 😛

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