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A twist on the espresso and books combo

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Espresso machines can also access thousands of titles that are in the public domain and available on the Internet.

The quote is from D. C. Denison writing for The Boston Globe. Imagine if my espresso machine* could also provide me with literary classics. The espresso machine in question, however, is the Espresso Book Machine. And while that invention isn’t news to me, this particular article made me consider how great an EBM at one of my local bookstores would be.

Because I love bookstores, and I love Amazon, and I don’t want to have to choose. Being able to spend time, lots of time, staring at the shelves of a physical bookstore and then deciding that in addition to the stack of paperbacks I’m buying, I’d like to get some "out of print" titles too… ah, that would be something.


*It works now, btw. The problem turned out to be so simple that I was a bit embarrased when one of my espresso machine guys pointed it to me. But I did write "I will gladly humiliate myself online for good coffee," so I won’t complain.


Oh, and by the way:

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