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Thoughts after a fashion show

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Despite not feeling all that well, I couldn’t miss the fashion show from the graduating class of Esmod Oslo on Wednesday. And I’m glad I was there, since my friend Eivind B. Hackett won three awards, including an internship, money and the opportunity to sell his collection at the Oslo department store Steen&Strøm.

Slideshow from backstage and the runway

After attending a catwalk show in ballerina flats, I understand why catwalk models need to be tall. And wear incredible platform heels. Because catwalks are not always easy to see, unless you arrive early or have some good reason for being in the front row.

Speaking of heels, people who walk in them should know how. I won’t judge the models at this particular show, because I know some of them were friends of the designers, and had never walked a runway before. But if you’re a Top Model contestant for example, meaning you want to be a model, shouldn’t you know how to put one foot in front of the other, even if those feet are on platform heels? It’s just a matter of practicing.

Anyway, judging from my very, very limited experience, fashion shows work the way "exclusive" clubs do: It seems the inconvenience of the whole experience is supposed to add to the feeling of luxury and exclusivity. It’s so incredibly cool that there isn’t anywhere to sit, or even stand comfortably, and that the music is too loud to allow for any form of communication. You feel lucky if you’re actually able to see the show over taller peoples’ heads and shoulders. And it’s really hot – actually, maybe they really do that on purpose so people will wear less clothing.

But despite all that, I loved it! Especially the fact that Eivind won a bunch of awards, which I’ve already blogged about in Norwegian.

Shoes from Prada, top photos from Fashionising, where you can also see catwalk models fall.

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