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Christmas traditions

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I have a very low threshold for calling something a tradition. If I’ve done it once and enjoyed it, I’m willing to call it a tradition. (Those lucky enough to know about Moose Cap Friday know exactly what I mean.) Some of my Christmas traditions:

  • Avoiding all Christmas music until December 1st, and then hardly listening to anything else until the 24th. My family also enforced a strict December-only rule for Love Actually.
  • Listening to The Roches’ version of Winter Wonderland – listen to it here: The Roches – Winter Wonderland
  • Inviting friends to my parents’ house to make my favorite Christmas candy – a secret combination of chocolate, sugar, oats and rum – drink red wine and eat lasagne.
  • Unwrapping my gift from Elisabeth before Christmas Eve and then having her rewrap it so I can open it again with my family.
  • Not going to church on Christmas Eve, but hanging out at home with my dad instead. He stays home to watch Swedish cartoons, because that’s his Christmas tradition.
  • Eating cooked apples for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s not like I can’t peel, slice and boil apples any other day of the year, but I just don’t.
  • Escaping to my friends’ house in Drammen a few days after Christmas Eve to be as un-Christmasy as possible. This is also the one time of year I will allow people to sing soccer (football) supporter songs in my presence.
  • Calling friends in other time zones on New Year’s Eve to say hello from last year/next year.
  • Going to the movies with Aina on January 2nd (started back when there was always a LotR film to see at this time), and then staying up until 6 AM afterwards.

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