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Experiences of 2008

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I finished the first semester of journalism school two days ago. I handed in my exam, and then I went to my old job and handed in my keys. Those thirty minutes gave me a wonderful feeling of finishing something and starting something potentially better. It was the feeling you’re supposed to have on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, there was no champagne.
I suppose this New Year’s post should be posted on New Year’s Eve, but really – who reads blogs at midnight on December 31st? And this way, if anyone wants to interpret the list below as a meme, they can.
2008 was not only the year I started journalism school, lived in Paris, visited Cambodia and Thailand and met a few people I hope I’ll know forever. I did many things this year that I had never done before. 2008 was the year I first…

… swung by jungle vines
… actively celebrated International Senior Citizens’ Day
… actively celebrated Moose Cap Friday
… got a full-body oil massage
… drank Fernet Branca
… drank sangria
… drank Coca-Cola
… happily referred to 10 square meters in a basement without a kitchen as “home”
… dated in French
… held a crocodile
… removed my bikini top at a public beach
… spoke words in Khmer
… interviewed two of the men I want to be when I grow up
… ran up and down the Champs Elysées singing along to an IPod
… ate frog
… moved to a city where I did not know a single person
… hid alcohol from grown-ups
… appreciated soup, tofu and veggie burgers
… slept in a mosquito net
… haggled over the price of paperbacks
… climbed 20 meters up a tree and jumped
… planted rice
… dipped my toes in the Seine
and more.

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