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Blogging 2008

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I was going to take that day off I warned you about. But then I realized: a meme is better than nothing. So here’s the first sentence I blogged every month of 2008:


I’m not dead.


Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.


For spring break, my friends in Paris all wanted to travel the world, but I could only think of one place I wanted to go: home.


Since you asked, (and then in some cases, pleaded via Facebook), I will start the answers.


Since we have so little time left in this city, each day should be "miraculous", according to Julie*. (* According to this Julie, and also according to Julie Balise)


A friend informed me that my blog "wasn’t working".


Three favorite tourist attractions in Oslo: (…)


Til bursdagen i fjor ønsket jeg meg bidrag til mitt kaffefond.


Jeg er journaliststudent!


This Weeks are normally a Sunday thing, but let’s just say I was busy/tired on Sunday.


Jan Arild Snoen, skribent for Minerva, kommentator og USA-ekspert, skriver: "Noen må stå for den harde makten, og denne noen er USA. (…)"


December 1st marks a turning point every year.

I didn’t do this one last year, but here are the first sentences of 2006.

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