According to Julie

December 4th


I am blogging every day this December. I feel that I can finally admit that that is a plan, now that I have blogged three very different things the past three days. So far, so good. Call it a Christmas countdown, or adventskalender, if you want to. I won’t tell you what I’ll be blogging later this month, or blog curse will set in. But there will be something every day until December 24th.
However, I have spent my blogging hours today writing first drafts of longer posts and trying everything I can think of to make that radio clip available to all of you. I see a lot of website work in my near future. Of course, I also see exams and Christmas preparations in my near future, but I prefer to be busy. So this is my sorry excuse for a December 4th post.


2 thoughts on “December 4th

  1. Is this your sneaky way of keeping me off the Internet?

  2. Elisabeth – Seeing as my life is all about you, yes. Of course.

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