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This Weeks are normally a Sunday thing, but let’s just say I was busy/tired on Sunday. This is technically a combined This Week for this week and the last one.
I read
Fear of fairy tales “There’s a very important reason why these tales stick,” says Jack Zipes, a German professor and folklorist at the University of Minnesota, who has written such books as “Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion” and “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales, Children, and the Culture Industry.” “It’s because they raise questions that we have not resolved.” What happens if we clean away unresolved conflicts in fairy tales? Joanna Weiss writes: It’s a great way to sell just about anything, but it’s also precisely the opposite of what makes fairy tales compelling in the first place.
Spare me the sermon on Muslim women
It’s easy to forget that Muslims are not inherently more sexist than folks in other religions. Muslim societies may lag behind on some issues that women in certain economically advanced, non-Muslim societies have resolved after much effort, but on other issues, Muslim women’s options run about the same as those of women all over the world. And in some areas of life, Muslim women are better equipped by their faith tradition for autonomy and dignity. writes author Mohja Kahf. I don’t even know if this is true, but it’s certainly very interesting. The main point is that faith in itself is not to blame – culture and interpretation of religion are the causes of the problem. (via Foreign Policy Passport)
Is the Vice Presidency Necessary?
The Vice President has only one serious thing to do: that is, to wait around for the President to die. This is hardly the basis for cordial and enduring friendships.
Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote this in 1974, and today, it made me feel a little bit better. By the way, I like that I can read articles from the seventies online. (Via Foreign Policy Passport)
Will somebody please leave this woman alone? (Via Foreign Policy Passport again.)
Ooh… a soft computer screen! (blog by Eirik in Norwegian, video and NYT article not in Norwegian) Could this be a way for newspapers to handle the layout problem?
And in Norwegian…
God gammel hårgang
Nesten alle eldre norske kvinner velger samme frisyre, skriver Benedicte Ramm i Dagens Næringsliv fredagsmagasin D2. Hvorfor det? Å gjøre en reportasje ut av det temaet er egentlig genialt. For en stund siden blogget jeg om en annen god reportasje i D2. Jeg er offisielt glad for at jobben min abonnerer.

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