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May in Paris

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Since we have so little time left in this city, each day should be "miraculous", according to Julie*. Finals? What finals?

Miraculous things to do in Paris on a long weekend:

  • Eat as many meals as possible outside.
  • Drink wine with all meals except breakfast (a baguette and some strawberries is a meal btw)
  • Make an effort to trick tourists into thinking that all Parisian girls are cute and friendly. Pose for photos in the park, wave at boats on the Seine and give up your park bench to people whose French is worse than your own(!).
  • Listen to musicals that take place in Paris (Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge etc). Sing along. In public.
  • Visit the Orangerie to see Monet’s water lilies. Get yelled at for being too loudly happy about it.
  • Dip your toes into the Seine and think about how disgusting – and embarrassing – it would be to fall in.
  • Go to Showcase, a club conveniently located under the Alexander bridge, to hear a band called – of course – The Parisians. Try to avoid getting your feet squashed by the group’s biggest (literally) and most enthusiastically jumping fan in the front row.
  • Spend Saturday night watching a movie with a friend rather than going out – you know you’re "at home" when that feels acceptable.
  • Waste time in the Tuilleries.
  • Live on a diet of dessert, fruit and wine – and maybe some "fake chicken" at a vegetarian restaurant in the Marais.
  • Walk. The Paris metro is great, but why charge your Navigo Decouverte when walking lets you waste time and get sunburned?

Soundtrack for all these miracles:  

The Legionnaire’s Lament, by The Decemberists

* According to this Julie, and also according to Julie Balise

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