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Random facts and thoughts


This post is a response to this post. As an alternative to writing “Seven odd facts about me”, I am commenting on seven odd facts about my friend. And being the self-centered person I am, I’m saying a lot about myself at the same time. This is also an exercise on how much I can write about nothing, so if you don’t feel like reading a lot about nothing, don’t.

  1. You have an exceptional sense of smell; my sense of smell (pardon the pun) really stinks. This is perfect. As long as I stay close to you at all times forever, you can be my sense of smell. I was a little thrown by the comment about someone you like having a funky smell. You would have told me, right? Someone would have told me? Fortunately, my self esteem is great. Someone said to me a few hours ago: “Oh, so that’s why you have no sense of competition. You know you’re better than everyone else.” Well, it actually sounded much nicer when he said it. Anyway, my self-esteem is good, and I have already decided that there is no way I will ever take any hints from your blog at all (unless they’re the good kind). And also, the good thing about having enemies is that they tell you exactly what’s wrong with you. I’ve heard that I’m self-centered (yeah, I know), boring, weird, nerdy, bad at picking shoes (that one hurt), but never funky-smelling. In fact, strangers tell me the opposite, and that (for future reference) is a compliment I really love to receive, since I actually do wonder about this. I wonder if deaf people obsess about how their voices sound.

  2. You don’t chew gum or eat licorice. Thank you for being sane. Especially the gum thing. Licorice tastes bad, but gum is bad. It’s evil. One of my sad “I guess grown-ups make mistakes too” experiences from my early teens was when I scraped gum off the bottom of desks from the Norwegian School of Management. These were not the desks of the freshmen undergrads, they were the desks of the MBA students. Adults who have been through years of business school, then started their careers, then returned for even more school, and they still stick their gum under their desks. See what this foul stuff does to people and their respect for school property? Sad. By the way, I have no idea why I was scraping this gum off. I know my dad teaches these disgusting people, but I don’t know what their desks were doing on our porch. I’m guessing we were using them as extra tables for a garden party. I must have been pretty enthusiastic about that party. (If you become an MIT lab rat, I can go to the Kennedy School of Government or Boston University Journalism, and I won’t have to miss you.)

  3. You like skirts better than pants. Well, duh. So do I in general, although I do love my Jeans. There are plenty of random anecdotes I could tell you involving skirts or jeans, but I’ll tell you the latest one: Last week, in the elevator at work, a guy from some other office in the building looked at my legs for a long time and then said: “Aren’t you cold in that skirt…?” I told him I wasn’t – in Norwegian, so I suppose my reply could be translated as anything from: “You see, what with my hand-knitted wool socks and gigantic shapeless woolen sweater, I’m OK, thanks.” to “Actually, I think it’s getting hot in here.” I don’t know how he interpreted it, but it wasn’t the first option. I fled. Don’t worry, I wasn’t scared, just kind of shocked. Maybe I should write a list of weird elevator experiences (like the list of weird customer experiences at my last job) and mass e-mail it on my last day. I would include the adorable Japanese gentleman (old man adorable, not cute guy adorable) who insisted on opening all the doors for me as I left work, even though that meant I had to wait for him next to the doors, as he was walking really slowly – almost limping.

  4. Your hands are sensitive to heat. Now, listen and learn: First you buy coffee. If at all possible, get it in a real cup. This can be done. Even if you’re doing take-away, as long as you promise to come back with the cup. I think it’s kind of like getting your coffee upgraded to large without paying extra. If there’s a girl behind the counter, send a guy to get you coffee. If there’s a guy behind the counter, you can charm him yourself. If that doesn’t work, ask for a larger paper cup than the size of your drink requires. If that doesn’t work, get two napkins and wrap them around the paper cup. Also, it’s a law of nature that if you’re carrying two napkins, you won’t spill anything. This is a variation of the law that means it won’t rain if I’m wearing rain boots (notice how it worked in Bergen?)

  5. You have a scar on your left hip. I must have seen this, but I can’t remember. My only scar is a finger-nail-shaped one on my left hand. It’s from a fight with my sister. I don’t remember exactly when I got it, but I do remember looking at the wound and thinking: “That won’t scar.” But it did. I think it’s very fitting that she’s the only one to have left that kind of mark on me.

  6. Your first musical love was Belle & Sebastian. The first CD I bought for myself (or chose and had a parent pay for, possibly) was the soundtrack to The Phantom of the Opera – the original musical. I was ten, and I LOVED that CD. I think my introduction to popular music (for my own generation, not my dad’s music) was TLC at about the same age. A girl in my class who had older sisters listened to that. In elementary school, it was the usual stuff (Spice Girls, No Doubt and Jewel are artists I remember buying albums from at that time). I didn’t really listen to music for a few years after that. I went to a middle school where Destiny’s Child was considered weird and alternative, so my options were limited. I wish Pandora had existed back then. Or that I had met you sooner.

  7. You grew up in a house where the radio was always on, and now you can’t stand background noise. I grew up in a house without music. Not that it was silent – I get my ability to go on and on and on about the most random subjects from my parents. My dad has some stuff he likes, but my mom dislikes the concept of background music, and she’s not really a fan of anything in particular. I like background noise (and studying on campus). What gets to me is repeated sounds. Ringing phones that no one answers are bad. Worse is people repeating short messages over and over, like yelling someone’s name in the exact same tone again and again and again. Oh and whining voices. Some pop songs (think Fergie) manage to combine all of these annoyances.


2 thoughts on “Random facts and thoughts

  1. Hahahaha, loved this! I’m not sure you’ve seen the scar, it isn’t exactly noticeable in a day-to-day basis, and it tends to hibernate in my underwear (lucky bastard – a million guys would KILL for that job!). I blame #7 there for my speaking/singing alone anxiety – having my own voice be the only sound is not something I have been used to growing up.
    So I have a suggestion: You be self-esteem, I’ll be your nose. Deal?

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