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This week

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Actually, some of these are from the last couple of weeks. 

I read…

  • 101 Simple Meals
  • The Kiterunner by Khaled Hosseini. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, just because it was one of those books that everyone got for Christmas. But it made me cry. Literally. While I was at work. Dad liked it too.
  • The Bloggosphere is real Just like Steven J. Dubner, I have had people tell me: "This is off the record. You don’t have to quote me on this in your blog." Makes me feel much more important than I probably am; I must admit that.
  • Apparently, radio listeners buy less music, and this got me thinking about Pandora again (sigh…). I have bought more music since I discovered internet radio. Granted, I still don’t buy a lot of music. I never did. Music has never been as important to me as written words (insert defence against more musically interested friends who will now accuse me of just not appreciating the beauty of music. OK, so sue me; I like music, but if forced to choose, I would rather read.) Of course radio can substitue other forms of listening, but it also serves as advertising. That’s the problem with selling information; the minute you start telling people about it, you’re already giving it away for free. But if you don’t give people free, legal music radio, they will download illegally. Not to threaten you or anything…
  • Tips for enjoying Oslo without spending too much money. In his tips to tourists, Bruce Bawer has basically described my free time, including Underwater Pub where I more or less live, at least on Thursdays.

I watched…

  • Octane Sure, Jonathan Rhys Meyers cutting up his tongue is scary, but mainly it’s just annoying when the script writers decide to never tell you why he’s doing it.
  • Coupling. Warning!!! DO NOT READ THE TEXT THAT WORD LINKS TO! SPOILERS! An addictive British comedy series. And I mean addictive. It’s been less then a week, and I’ve watched nearly every episode.
  • Ghost World

I listened to…

  • Avenue Q. This musical includes song titles like "What do you do with a BA in English?", "I wish I could go back to college", "Schadenfreude" and "There is life outside your apartment"
  • The Dresden Dolls
  • Regina Spector again, because I seem to have a neighbor who is a fan. Who is this person who plays my favorite songs? I can’t tell which apartment the music is coming from.
  • Placebo
  • Mika again, because I am going to the concert
  • The Phantom of the Opera The first musical I saw live. I was ten at the time, and I became more or less obsessed, learning the entire thing (including spoken lines) by heart. I mean, opera, murder, fantastic lacy clothes, tragic fates (the poor phantom was just misunderstood!); it was perfect for my ten-year-old self. Rediscovered the music recently. (And NO! Not the movie version.)

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  1. The bloggosphere might be real, but the name “bloggosphere” gives me the creeps.

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