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… to my sisters, mother and mother’s friends who provide me with all sorts of "friendly advice" every single summer, such as "There is such a thing as self-tanner." and "With that skin, you could just go goth.":

I don’t build tans, I build head-aches when I’m in the sun. And apparently, I don’t need to spend precious hours lying in the sun doing nothing, wearing an uncomfortable, unflattering sorry excuse for an "outfit". I need to get myself some fishnets – using some of the money I earn working indoors – and see if I can turn my white legs to my advantage.

Sorry, everyone. The next post will be less fashion and more politics/academics/geekiness/stuff. Promise.

Update September 16th 2007: Not only did I get fishnets for myself for my birthday (not as fishnetty as the ones in the picture) but someone agrees with me.


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