According to Julie

This week

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I read

  • The Wired and the Dead about Myspace and Facebook profiles that stay "alive" after the person is dead. While the whole "afterlife on the Internet" and "what if the dead answer that message?" is a bit much, I found the idea of writing to dead friends through the internet touching, not morbid. People talk out loud to gravestones, but I think if I suddenly lost a close friend I would feel the need to write, not talk. And since e-mails and mailed letters would only bounce back to me, having a profile to go to might actually be comforting.
  • Tyler Cowen’s favorite Norwegian things

I watched

  • A Fair(y) Use Tale
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s which made me want to eat croissants and drink take-away coffee (lunch in the park with a book on development economics is apparently my version of breakfast at Tiffany’s) and have a party (sometime in June, I think. Should be like the party in Breakfast, but no smoking indoors, and no police)

I listened to

Ok, so there was a This Week this week. But I promise, almost all of this happened after my economics exam on Friday. And the next one isn’t until Wednesday.


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