According to Julie


5 Comments is fun. I have some criticism, mainly:

  1. I don’t like the idea of organizing music by tag. At all. I especially don’t like tagging artists by which country they are from. How is that relevant to how the music actually sounds? The beauty of Pandora is (was, sniff) that I could find music that sounded like music I liked, regardless of stuff like decades. Not music made by people from the same town as an artist I like one song from.
  2. What is not indie? I thought I could use this tag system to find out what people think indie means, since is so democratic and stuff. But practically everything I like is tagged indie, and I don’t even know what it means! That doesn’t make sense.

On the other hand, you can make playlists and put them on your website. So I did. I had to have 15 different artists, but most of the songs fit into the same mood – at least in my mind, but as my little sister tells me twice a day, I am so weird. So there is an idea behind the choice of songs, but I doubt I’ll be able to explain it.

5 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. Oh. I didn’t mean that you are weirdER than twice a day. It’s just that I hear it more often. And not only from my little sister. So..
    I no longer know where I’m going with this.

  2. Indie basically means “independant”.

  3. Bubble Boy – Thanks. I know indie means independant, but in what way? Not sold through a major label? If so, is the music no longer indie if it switches to a major label? Does indie refer to the music or the way the music is sold? And if it refers to the actual music, what does indie music have in common?

  4. to make it clearer….indie music is what indie people make of it(kuliani 2007: 13) ….or the music that indie people listen to and namedrop on every occasion….. and indie people aren’t very hard to describe (ibid.)….and yeh i´m writing this post now….because i’ve got insomnia that even beer couldn’t cure….blæh….

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