According to Julie

This week

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I read

  • "The Yellow Wallpaper", a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and also why she wrote it.
  • Ingar’s new blog, he was my favorite teacher in high school, and I should have known it was only a matter of time before he started blogging
  • The Others, about the kids at school you never get to know, but everyone talks about.
  • The long awaited return of Sjokoladepiken
  • Norwegians should read more
  • Interrobang
  • "A ramble through Lebanon", "Weekend getaway: Heritage USA", "At sea with America’s Cup" and "Intellectual wilderness, ho! – A visit to Harvard’s 350th anniversary celebration" from Holidays in Hell by P.J. O’Rourke.
  • … and I finished Dorian Gray. I wanted to post a list of good quotes from the book, but Elisabeth pointed out: "It’s Oscar Wilde, Julie! You would end up posting the entire book."

I watched

I listened to

  • "Overdosing with you" by Billie the Vision and the Dancers , it’s a song about watching episodes of tv shows on DvD all night
  • Kings of Convenience
  • William Hut
  • (I am not adding links to the artists above because I am still heartbroken over losing Pandora and can’t bring myself to link to another music site. It’s just too soon. I am experienting with however, but only time will tell if that is just a rebound.)
  • … and I got my ticket to see Tori Amos in June!

I ate

  • chocolate and coffee cookies with macadamia nuts, and other wonderful things from Elisabeth’s kitchen

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