According to Julie

When in Rome… (Work in constant progress)


When in Rome, do as I did in August and in March.

  1. Do buy your Colosseum tickets at the Palatine, not at the actual Colosseum entrance. Tickets bought at either of these museums will give you entry to both, so naturally you should choose the ten-minute line (in tourist season) instead of the two-hour line.
  2. Don’t pay more than 1 euro for espresso.
  3. Do drink coffee at Tazzo d’Oro ( Via degli Orfani 84, right by the Pantheon). My first taste of espresso here was definitely one of the best seconds of my life. For more coffee shop tips, see this site.
  4. Do see the Forum Romanum. Colosseum may initially be higher on your list, but these are ruins people have actually lived in, not just cheered and died in. And they’re free and breathtaking.
  5. Do take your time. Every pebble on the ground in Rome has historical value. My friend and I were thrown out of two museums half an hour after closing because we wanted to see everything. Be prepared to spend hours and hours on sightseeing.
  6. Do make an effort to eat at a variety of places. I’ve found that alternating between really classy and really shabby when eating out is much more fun than going to an average place every night. On this last trip, my friends and I ate at a place where we half expected getting poisoned, mugged or beat-up. Two nights later, we were at a Michelin-star restaurant with perfect asparages. Both experiences were much more memorable than standard pizza at a standard price.
  7. Do have champagne ice cream at Giolitti.

2 thoughts on “When in Rome… (Work in constant progress)

  1. Looking forward to the pictures!
    If too many people, try Imperial Latin:
    “Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem!”

  2. kjemperedd. kjempeglad. jada. to bra opplevelser!

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