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I just finished a great book – Freakonomics!


For de av dere som ikke har fått det med seg så har nå byrådet bestemt at alt giftslam i havnebassenget skal graves opp, flyttes 2 km og dumpes utenfor Malmøya!


Hvorfor vil alle bli journalister, mens ingen vil lese aviser?


I have found yet another mission in life.


The sun is shining, and I feel far from stressed, but somehow I can’t fall asleep at night, I can’t wake up in the morning, and this is my first entry in over a week!


Første dag på sommerjobb i dag.


Hvordan handle på IKEA:


Hver tredje student opplever at de har for dårlige kunnskaper fra videregående skole.


Et av mine fag dette semesteret heter "Neighborhood Bully? Stormaktene og Midtøsten siden 1945" (ja, det stemmer: kurset er oppkalt etter en Bob Dylan sang).


In the debate about convincing high school students to learn math, I haven’t read much about what kind of math these students should be learning.


I wonder if real diplomats come home after maintaining international peace and security and think: "Oh crap, my basil plant died while I was sending an envoy to Iraq and now the only thing eatable in my apartment is a bag of peanuts."


Some time during the stress of exam preparation (currently three exams down, one to go), I watched a talk show where one of the topics was: "What would you do if you only had six months left to live?"


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