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You know I can’t handle stupidity…

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One of my earliest childhood memories is blood, or more precisely: my neighbor’s arm bleeding. I was about three at the time and the reason she was bleeding was that I had bitten her. And the reason I had bitten her was that she had asked a stupid question. Not a rude or cruel question, a stupid one. She was my age, and I was going to show her something. She asked if it was "over there" pointing in the exact opposite direction of where I was taking her. I thought this was so dumb that I grabbed her lower arm and bit her.

In retrospect, I know that she can’t have been bleeding as much as I think I remember, even though I certainly didn’t choose the safest place to bite her. Her mother was of course not only furious, but also terrified, and I wonder if she ever stopped feeling that way about me. When I met this girl about six years later, we had a good laugh about this shared memory, then basically forgot about it and went on being classmates and neigbors. Lately though, I’ve been thinking about why I did this. I wasn’t scared or angry, I was really only annoyed. I’ve stopped biting people now, but I still have extreme reactions to stupidity. So when I say: "You know how I get around stupid people. I can’t handle stupidity," I guess this is proof…

One thought on “You know I can’t handle stupidity…

  1. I cannot handle stupidity as well. It’s so tricky to deal with. On one hand I feel empathy for their lack of insight, yet on the other hand navigating through dumbed-downed thinking creates frustration and anger. Most people I have realized do not experience the same frustrations. It only appears to occur when you advance yourself above what the norm is, then you start becoming so aware at just how mindless people can be. For example, 98% of the time I have a conversation with someone they either talk my ears off, interrupt constantly too soon, never really follow-up and ask questions, etc. The intelligent act of active listening is completely foreign to them. But unless they advance their listening skills, they will never recognize or even realize the frustrations the other person may be going through. Topics themselves are often silly in nature, thus creates more frustration when you really cannot have an intellectual conversation with anybody. Not to mention a HUGE long list of other ways people display stupidity, such as people partaking in long ritual conversational dances to avoid admitting error, rather than just apologizing. Anyway, I cannot handle stupidity as well. And I suspect that the fluoride in the public drinking water has a lot to do with it, because that is exactly why it was put in there in the first place.

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