According to Julie

Christmas Wish List


What I want:

  1. music (here are suggestions and more suggestions)
  2. a DVD player
  3. DVDs
  4. in general: stuff for my apartment
  5. clothes. Clothes are always good. Except I don’t really have room in my closet. But who cares, I have the attic and the basement.
  6. gift certificates. Like clothes, they always work.
  7. believe me, I wouldn’t mind "experience" type gifts either, like tickets for things or promises to make me dinner or take me somewhere or whatever. Be creative.
  8. a couple of big cushions that I can put in the attic and use as extra seats when I have more party guests than chairs
  9. more room on my hard disc (or an alternative way of storing music/pictures)
  10. things that you put under hot things to protect the table (there is no word for this in Norwegian, and I can’t remember if there is one in English)
  11. coasters
  12. large wine glasses (I just bought six "Sentimento Salina" glasses from Hadeland, so now I don’t really need this anymore, unless you want to add more from the same series)
  13. theater tickets

What I don’t want:

  1. jewellery. This may sound harsh, and I will probably love any jewellery I actually recieve. So if you have a particular piece of jewellery in mind, and this is a well-thought-out special gift, go for it. But don’t go out and buy me jewellery because you can’t think of anything else. I have so much of it now I don’t have time to wear it all, and I end up wearing the same things over and over.
  2. notebooks. I am particular about what I write in, and no matter how cute the cover is, I won’t use if it isn’t right. I already have a drawer full of beautiful little notebooks that I will probably never use.
  3. anything for my apartment that isn’t returnable. I might already have something similar, and if you read Norwegian, you know how I hate the very idea of interior decorating stuff that can’t be returned.

I now realize that I haven’t mentioned books and coffee. I guess that just goes without saying.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. Hey, did you check out my very own wishlist, which is inspired by your list? And did you get my mail? And will you be there?

  2. The thing you put under hot stuff to protect the table is in norwegian called “bordskåner”, though very often referred to as “den greia, vøttø”. 🙂

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